Sean Koch

20. September 2019 // 20:00 Uhr // Eintritt: 15€

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‘Rebel’, the one that stands out amongst the rest of the songs on the up coming
debut album. Keeping the acoustic folk element this is the more ‘rockier’ sound
with big chorus breaks and driving energy. It represents being you, pursuing
what you believe in and carving your own path with demanding verses “you’re a
rebel in your own kind of way”. Koch explains this with the more simple, close to
home things that everyone can relate to like, “im going to feed my fire with
friends and family, spirituality!”. Produced by Koch aswell as fellow band
members Shaun Cloete and Dean Bailey, this song is an exciting new venture for
the Cape Town boys soon to be heading back to Europe for their debut album
release tour!

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